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TC Williams Boys Crew

The TC Williams boys crew is the successor to the first high school rowing program in the Washington metro area.  In 1947, Jack Franklin and Julian Whitestone began training young men from Alexandria's George Washington High School (now Middle School) at the Old Dominion Boat Club. Francis Hammond High School opened in 1956 and soon had its own crew, as did the new TC Williams High School in 1964.  GW and Hammond merged with TC in 1971.

Over the years, these crews have won medals at local, state, national and international competitions including the Stotesbury Cup, the SRAA Nationals and the Canadian Scholastic Championship.  Rowers trained at TC have gone on to college success, and the program has produced Olympic rowers, and members of the US National and Junior National teams.

The TC Williams boys crew is organized based on the composition of the team each year.  TC may launch a senior 8, lightweight 8, second 8, third 8, freshman 8, several novice 8s and one or more 4s.  Rowers are selected for boats based on their experience, strength and skill. 


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