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TC Williams Girls Crew

When girls crew became a high school sport in 1974, it didn't take TC Williams long to establish a name for itself.  The girls varsity 8 clocked their first Stotesbury victory in 1975, and since then TC girls crews have won a total of 31 gold medals at the most prestigious national regatta.  In fact, three of the trophies at Stotesbury are named for TC coaches.

The 1997 girls varsity 8 was the first - and only - crew to win Stotesbury, the SRAA Nationals and the CSSRA Canadian Nationals in the same season.  TC's lightweight 8s have been legendary over the years.  And this winning tradition continues today, with the 2006 Virginia and Canadian champion girls varsity 8.

The TC Williams girls crew is organized based on the composition of the team each year.  TC may launch a senior 8, lightweight 8, second 8, third 8, freshman 8, several novice 8s and one or more 4s.  Rowers are selected for boats based on their experience, strength and skill.

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