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St. Andrews Regatta

Noxontown Regatta, St. Andrew's School (DE) - Directions -

Timing:  Check Regattas Schedule.
All rowers who are rowing in the scrimmage must travel by bus to the event.
Location:  St. Andrew's, in Middletown, Delaware (600 Noxontown Road, Middletown, DE)
 St-Andrews Regatta Map
Parking:  Free!  Please park in the field across from the TCW Blue & White tent.

Parents:  Parents are encouraged to bring Potluck to share.  There will be a separate table from the “Rowers Food” tables for “Parent Food”.  Buckets of chicken, trays of veggies, salads, crackers & cheese, anything parents would like to share with other parents! 
There will be coffee in the morning for those who arrive early to help serve breakfast.   If arriving later in the day and you are a coffee drinker, stop in town before coming out to the pond.
We need LOTS of help prepping, cooking and serving our rowers from 7am-6pm.
Breakfast Service will be 9:00-11:00am
Lunch Service will be 11:00am-5:00pm

Rower Info:  Rowers should dress for the weather.  Wool, nylon or fleece wear is recommended as it does not retain water; cotton pants not recommended for a cold, rainy day.  Rowers will be walking along a dirt road between the tent and buses.  Weather appropriate shoes should be worn if rainy/muddy.
Bring a pillow and blanket for sleeping and keeping warm on the bus.
Rower Food:  Alexandria Crew Boosters will provide a hot breakfast and hot lunch under the big tent.   Rowers will visit the tent to grab food and may either eat at the tent or take back to the buses.
Rowers should eat a good breakfast before leaving home.  Some breakfast foods will be put on the bus for travel to St. Andrews. 
Dinner food will be put on the buses for ride home.  Though we will try our best to feed your rower, your rower may be starving by the time you pickup from High School after such a long day!


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