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Practice Schedule

Crew practice is after school on weekdays until about 6:30 pm, and Saturday mornings.  On school days, activity buses are available from the schools to the Boathouse, and to return after practice.  Here's the schedule.  If you want to come and watch practice, please be careful to stay clear of the boat bays and the dock when the team is moving shells onto and off the water.

Because of limited parking at the Boathouse, the buses load for the return trip at the other end of Oronoco Park, near where Pendleton Street turns right into Union.  (Click the photo at right.)  Parents are also requested to pick up rowers at this spot, rather than causing traffic jams at the Boathouse parking lot.  A coach will be at the pickup spot until everyone is gone.   

As the season gets under way, teams will schedule Saturday practice and morning practice for some boats.  During spring break, you should expect two practices a day.  We'll post information to this page when we get it from the coaches.

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